The Excel Thru Learning Story

As in most great stories the beginning was a simple one; The year was 1996, there were a few clients, 10 developed and ready to facilitate workshops, a 10 X 10 room and one consultant - me, Patricia DeMers.

The most interesting part of the story is the clients.  These amazing businesses trusted me with their people and the change they needed  to see.  I was passionate, driven, flexible, interested and I cared a lot about making sure the clients got what they needed.  What happened next was wonderful.  These clients started to tell other businesses about me and the results I achieved for them.  Word spread. Referrals happened. The business grew. There is no ending to this story. 

Today, we continue to grow, our clients refer us, there are other offerings as well as training and development, we are committed to making a difference and there is more than just me now.

Thank you Excel Thru Learning clients. Thank you for your business. Thank you for your referrals. Thank you for your trust in the Excel Thru Learning team!


"Pat is an amazing leader who leads by example, has an eye for detail and fantastic facilitation skills. She has a knack of working with companies to find the root of the issues and come up with innovative ideas and solutions to solve them."

Simon Stafford, Town of Oakville