Client Testimonials 


Excel Thru Learning has customized as well as facilitated leadership and customer service training for our employees. We find their products and services to be professional and results focused. As we are a national company their ability to facilitate using video conferencing has saved us thousands of dollars in travelling expenses. ETL is my first point of reference when we are considering training programs for our employees. | Manager, Human Resources

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Hi Pat, I thought you might enjoy a copy of our Lilydale History book. Leslie and I want to say thanks for your support to Lilydale and acknowledge the great relationship we have with Excel Thru Learning. Happy Reading! | Manager, Training and Development


I really hope some of the dialogue that occured today is relayed to the company to encourage positive change for everyone, not just us. | Participant Accolade

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Very good session for business, office and personal life. | Participant Accolade

* A lot of work has been put into this session. The work books are invaluable and will be used and referred to constantly.

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* Very enjoyable session. The facilitator was very knowledgeable in his interpretation of needs and expectations

* Fantastic course. This has provided great information to assist with my career to deal with customers

* The facilitator always accepted answers to questions in a positive way. He would elaborate everyone’s answers or even replied “excellent, you are absolutely right”. This was not boring.

| Participant Accolades


I feel such workshops are good because they serve as reminders and reinforcements on how we should communicate and listen to each other.  Hearing each person's perspective on how they interpret messages, tones, body language, etc. It certainly open's your eyes.  In spite of me having loads of work to do yesterday, I am so glad that I attended the workshop.  The feeling of oneness with other members of the group and feeling of being part of a team can not be achieved by sitting at our desks and working on our tasks. | Participant Accolade