Performance Coaching


Our clients find that outsourced coaching helps their employees improve in specific areas of need. When an individual is experiencing performance problems, it may not be a training issue – it may need to be addressed one-on-one. Our clients have found that coaching has a huge impact, especially at the more senior levels.

Our performance coaches are highly qualified and dedicated individuals with a passion for helping others succeed. Many of our coaches have over 10 years of experience and hold post-graduate diplomas in psychology and social sciences.


Coaching Outline


Preliminary Request
* Initial meeting to review process
* Determining the needs and objectives

Initial Coaching Session
* Online assessment discussed and set up (optional)
* Establish objectives to be covered with individual
* Incorporate objectives that the individual feels will be of value to their development

One-on-One Sessions, including:
* Setting goals and action steps for each upcoming coaching session
* Discussion and review of successes and challenges
* Telephone and e-mail support available between sessions
* Materials, reading recommendations

Summary Report
* Follow-up session with requesting manager
* Summary report identifying areas that have improved and any recommendations for continued development