Recruiting with Excel Thru People is meant to be easy…

Our philosophy is to engage fully with you in the recruiting process without adding more to your always expanding priority list. Let us take the burden of work on our shoulders while you enjoy all the benefits of getting the right people in the right places...

Our Process:

We'll meet with you to ensure we have a detailed understanding of the job description for the position(s) being recruited. We'll then take it one step further to discover unique characteristics of the position as well as the expectations of the candidate that will, ultimately, lead to success. Organizational culture cannot be ignored when looking for the ideal candidate, so we strive to understand your organization well before we introduce a prospective candidate.


Attracting the right talent is an art, and you'll benefit from our experience and expertise in this area to ensure we locate candidates that match your culture, organization and the needs of the specific role. Our candidates come to us in a number of ways and we are constantly on the lookout for great people. We'll get the word out in the appropriate venue(s) that will attract the candidates best suited for the position(s) you are looking to fill. 

Screening and Selection.

We look for fit, we look for organizational match and we look for candidates that will be successful long term. Far beyond that ‘gut feeling’ or ‘hunch’, we trust fact and gather information to make the most informed decision.

We’ll collect resumes and pre-screen candidates who meet the above criteria in terms of suitability. We’ll then interview candidates and shortlist the top three (3). You’ll be presented with these three candidates for your chance to host a personal interview. Once you’ve identified your preference, we’ll conduct a background check and then present these findings to you.

We’ll do the follow up with those who were not given the job offer and keep their information on file for six months.

Assessments (Optional)

To further support the final hiring decision, ETP can recommend the creation of a benchmark capturing the key traits and behaviours necessary for the position(s). We can compare the top two candidates against this benchmark by completing a Profile XT Assessment. This information can be used to support the resume and interview process with some additional facts to aid in that final hiring decision.

Because we’re all about peace of mind, we’ll give you this Replacement Guarantee.

In the event that the employment of a candidate hired by you ceases for any reason whatsoever other than corporate downsizing, elimination of the position or material change in responsibility within three (3) months of the commencement of their employment, ETP will attempt to provide a new candidate to refill this position at no additional cost to you.