Classroom Training

Excel Thru Learning offers customized classroom training programs in over 80 topics, all current and relevant, and we have multiple ways you can purchase training from us.

You may work with us to customize the programs and have our facilitators conduct the training, you may license a PDF version of a customized training program and have your internal certified facilitators facilitate it, or you may purchase the program materials as you need them with your certified facilitators facilitating them.

During the classroom time the participants will learn, experience, and have fun. They will receive tools they can start to use on the job immediately.

Our program content is divided into 4 major competency groupings:


Communication can make or break a business. Understanding the purpose of the communication helps to create professional verbal and written messages and appropriate body language also helps to send a clear message. Determining when to write, what medium to use, the best location for a conversation, and use of appropriate tone are just some of the areas that are covered in our programs.

sample communication programs

Leadership and Management

All companies are reviewing their management abilities. It's only through excellent leadership that a company will succeed. Managers at all levels, from the most junior supervisor, to the most senior executive, need to clearly understand the difference between average and great leadership. Our clients appreciate the diversity in our leadership programs. The programs are available in a modular format and customized to be very skill specific.

sample leadership and management topics

Customer Service and Sales

Increased Sales and Improved Customer Service are on everyone's mind; but sales and customer service needs differ depending on your type of business. All of our programs are customized so that we can service all types of businesses and provide excellent customer skills training for your employees. Whether you need help with prospecting, getting the most from appointments, telephone up-selling or cross-selling, programs are available. We can assist in setting targets and measuring for success.

sample customer service and sales topics

Personal Development

People want to learn and that learning creates an environment of challenge, initiative, and success. Personal development programs address methods to improve life skills such as stress reduction, time management, and business acumen. For our clients this represents an increase in productivity, a decrease in absenteeism and an increase in morale.

sample personal development topics