Here’s a recent example of what we did to help with a customer service ‘elephant’ that had participants saying:

  • I have taken at least 10 different customer service training sessions and this is the best training I have had!
  • Excellent “reboot” of very usefulinformation and tactics
  • Excellent, he had us laughing and made a tough topic fun
  • This was an excellent session! It provided good examples and situations to help staff serve clients better. I really think this course will be useful to me

As we got to know our new client, we were able to help them identify key obstacles that acted against great customer service and then worked with them to create a customized program that highlighted their objectives and goals. By opening up and engaging the participants in a discussion, we were able to work through examples from their everyday world, and provide relevant, timely and practical techniques to ensure success in the future.

We took the concern of this client; the recognition that they needed to do something to help drive new business, and created a program that would give participants the skills to do just that.     

We were fortunate to partner with this municipal library to help out. To their credit, they were in no way doing a poor quality job of serving their clients. I know this because as we entered the library on our scheduled classroom delivery day, we were greeted at least 4 times to be sure we were taken care of. They were great. 

No. The purpose of us working together was to make sure they were doing everything they could to promote library services to generate repeat visits. You see, the library now is not like what you picture when you think of the word library. (Taking out a book is only the surface of what a library can do for you. Go check one out, you’ll see for yourself!)

Their need was in promoting the other community based services that generate funding. Being proactive and letting people know really the scope of what the library does formed the crux of the challenge. 

Fundamentally, great client service is finding out and understanding why the ‘customer’ is in the building. Challenging customers, irate customers, customers who are not observing policy can all be converted to long term, satisfied customers (that is if it is fully understood why they are upset, or acting against the policy).

By working with our client and getting to understand their needs, we were able to present a customized classroom based learning session that gave the skills people need to face their challenges and shortfalls. The participants walked away ready and eager to use new or refreshed skills and were well on their way to providing 5 Star Client Service.

We’d be happy to talk about how we can do the same for you.

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