Crusade: (noun)

A [cause] undertaken with zeal and enthusiasm

I have made it my crusade to educate and inform businesses, and change statistics so that organizations can maximize the value of their people.

  • At best, 30% of workers (full or part time) are engaged in their work and workplace.
  • Approximately half of workers are not engaged, and nearly one in five are actively disengaged.
  • Workplaces with disengaged employees have lower productivity, lower quality of work, and lower levels of employee well-being.

Current research indicates that employees are operating around 60% of their potential and only 59% of work time is spent on productive tasks. This implies that 40% of employee potential and about 41% of the day is wasted.

Can you envision a strategic people development process that eliminates the pitfalls that negatively impact business, and the bottom line? If yes, the result will be an organization that consistently reaches and exceeds performance goals.

ETL offers effective solutions that can get you there.

As crusaders, ETL will provide you with a great tool that supplies critical information about your people, paired with developmental strategies that will help your people achieve a greater level of success.

We want to help you inspire your people to achieve.

Will you join us on our crusade?