Your employees can accrue the productivity and job satisfaction benefits of ETL’s training materials in the location and timeframe of their choosing. Our eLearning programs are more than just content; they also support learning behaviour changes by providing:

  1. Customized summary reports of the program content including the participant’s inputs
  2. Follow-up emails with additional relevant information on the program topic (one per month for three months following program completion).
  3. Program usage reports for the client.

ETL’s eLearning programs are easy to use and are accessible anywhere there is a computer with an internet connection for access to our online application server. (Installation of the latest version of Flash from www.adobe.com is the only technical requirement.)

eLearning options currently available include:


Accessibility Training – Providing Service to Customers with Disabilities

* Welcoming Customers with Disabilities
* Overcoming Our Most Difficult Barrier – Our Attitudes
* Providing Service to those with Hearing Loss
* Providing Service to those with Loss of Sight?
* Providing Service to those with Intellectual or Physical Disabilities
* Ontario Accessibility Legislation
* Resources – Ontario Accessible Customer Service Standards


Email Management

* When to send your message by email, and when NOT to
* Grammar and writing basics for email
* What you need to consider before composing an email
* Writing an email with impact
* Email etiquette
* Proper use of subject lines, “cc’s”, attachments


Time Management

* Recognizing your time style and using it effectively
* Identifying time wasters
* Creating a healthy To Do List
* Identifying priorities
* Time management tips
* Creating a life balance