Partners of Excel Thru Learning

Over the past 10 years, Fort Hill has supported many of the world’s leading organizations and top learning programs to ensure learning produces results.  Fort Hill has web-based tools (ResultsEngine®) and methodology (The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning) designed to drive behavior change that in turn drives business results.

We at Excel Thru Learning are excited to offer Fort Hill’s web-based ResultsEngine tool as an integral part of our training and follow-up.

ResultsEngine increases the return on training investments by enhancing learning application on the job.  ResultsEngine reminds participants of their objectives, engages their managers and mentors, continues a community of learners, and documents specific goals, actions, and achievements.

To see a guided ResultsEngine demo on the Fort Hill website, click here

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Insightful marketing breathes life into a corporate business plan. As an expert set of external eyes, we probe the needs and perceptions of your customers, prospects, employees and partners – to highlight the opportunities – so that you can sharpen your marketing approach. Our award-winning creative team can help you create brilliant campaigns, but more importantly, we can ensure that your colleagues in sales, training, business process alignment and IT eliminate the obstacles that often impede your success!

Results-driven performance begins with understanding.

The Pettit Inc. team first develops a clear understanding of your corporate priorities and business strategy. Then we do the research to unearth the challenges and market opportunities followed by an analysis of your entire business – from marketing, sales and human performance to business practices and IT support.

Next, we determine how best to integrate each aspect of the business for added value, then zero in on the factors that will help maximize your strategic growth.