Excel Thru Learning helps customers to focus on what they do best - running their business.

The demands of your business are important to us, so we offer full day courses in slower times, shorter programs (3 hours) in busier times, 1.5 hour Lunch and Learn sessions and Saturday workshops. All of our customized programs have been designed to motivate, inspire, retain and improve employee productivity and satisfaction.

The material is developed in-house by the ETL Team and relates to today’s workforce. Adult learning principles are used during the facilitation and the skills learned are immediately transferable to the participant’s work environment.

Additional services include focus groups, employee surveys and pre-training meetings to ensure the training initiatives meets your desired outcomes. ETL also offers program licenses that give you the flexibility to deliver training in-house, when and where you need it. Whether your target audience is large or small, we have a license option that fits.


Our Approach

You will experience our 5 step process that ensures effective delivery of all training and transfer of knowledge initiatives to your workplace:

  1. Identify and clarify learning needs with the client
  2. Define outcomes
  3. Monitor and communicate progress 
  4. Evaluate the program and outcomes
  5. Deliver the final report