President's Message


Several years ago I had a vision of helping others to succeed while working in a business I feel passion for – a people business. 

And so it all began.

I started working for someone else in the training and development world and discovered two things very early in my training career. First, not all training programs work for all people - training programs need to be customized. Secondly that not all trainers could or should train on all topics or to all industries - specific experience and personality traits are necessary for each. Sixteen years ago with this newly acquired knowledge, I started my business....Patricia DeMers & Associates Inc.

It was confirmed shortly after I began that companies do want customized training programs. They want specific lengths, topics, verbiage; all based on what their employees experience daily. They want current programs that are relevant to their work environment. They want half day, full day and even two day sessions; but they want the time and money they spend to be an investment. They want growth for their employees and their businesses. They want to work with a flexible, professional company to initiate positive change. Our customers want to work with us!

My vision is now a reality. We are flexible in our service offerings and always eager to work with clients to try new things. Everything we do is designed to make our clients (whether individuals or large corporations), successful. You will be working with people who are passionate about your business, your people and your results; a combination that creates a successful business partnership.


Patricia DeMers

President, Excel Thru Learning