Conflict Resolution – Team Restoration

Within every organization there are times when teams experience conflict that can harm productivity, hurt interpersonal relationships, and create unproductive environments.

ETL has experienced success in rebuilding teams that are working through conflict situations.

 Proven and Repeatable results have included:

  •        improved communication, 
  •        renewed respect for co-workers,
  •        greater understanding of team dynamics,
  •        better sharing of ideas.       

All or some of the following steps may be incorporated in a restoration process depending on the needs of the team:

 1. Conduct one-on-one meetings with a representative group of the team – designed to probe the current state of the team, and highlight the prevalent issues preventing cohesion

 2. Summarize findings, and create an action plan

 3. Incorporate a Team Assessment – identify strengths and weaknesses of team members

 4. Team Building Workshops - customized to reflect the development needs of the team based on the findings from the one-on-one meetings

 5. Record goals set in workshops for committed behaviour changes

 6. One-on-one coaching for leaders of the team to support behaviour changes required to effectively lead; One-on-one coaching for individuals within the team who require support to make the required changes

 7. Establish an accepted code of conduct within the department

 8. Attend team meetings to ensure that acceptable behaviours are being adhered to, and coach on corrective behaviours as required

 9. Wrap Up – when team members are displaying appropriate behaviours on a consistent basis, ETL will wrap up the process with a meeting, where ETL acknowledges and thanks everyone for participating in the restoration process, and for making the changes necessary to move forward as a more unified team

10. Provide continued mentoring support to members of the team as required


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