Limiting Stress in 2018 - A lofty Goal!

Life is settled back into normal after the Holiday season. The rush and hustle of the preparation is over and worry over those final details and last minute surprises has come and gone. We are left with a distant memory of the holidays and we’ve turned our attention to the year ahead.  

We’re striving for the ‘best’ this year… For most of us, this will be ‘our’ year – a time to seize opportunities, develop and grow personally, and to bring our team along for the ride. We all want success and, when the ball dropped and the clock struck midnight we were all motivated and willing to make it happen.  

The reality is: we’re two full weeks into the New Year and how much have things really changed?  

For some of us – and in spite of our best intentions - New Years’ Resolutions have been broken, abandoned and possibly even forgotten. No one wants this to happen, but reality sets in hard. There’s still hope… 

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Let’s shift our mindsets, focus on our positive attitude and go after some (not all) of the goals we’ve set.  

Work is stressful. The standard across the board today is higher workload and less people and resources to accomplish everything. And, it all still needs to be done… yesterday! That’s the truth. While we can’t necessarily change the workload and the stress that it creates, we can shift our attitude from: it’s too much, I’ll never get it all done, to: let’s work smart, prioritize, and strategically tackle these tasks one by one.  

A new year is definitely a new opportunity – remember, so is each new day. Let’s re-engage with ourselves, re-engage our team and our organizations and embrace the right we have each day to go out and make small changes for improvement. Look for ways to simplify, look for opportunities to grow, modify the way we interpret those incoming challenges and make sure our attitudes are where they should be to keep us moving in a positive direction. Be mindful that we can’t do it all and it won’t happen right away, but if we focus on the right things, the positive things, our attitudes will keep us driving towards our goals.   

I learned some time ago that ‘life doesn’t give you what you want; life gives you what you are willing to accept!’  

Ask yourself, what are you willing to accept and what you can do to change the things that you aren’t. Make this year a success! 

Want to couple this new found focus on ‘Attitude’ with some sound strategies to limit stress, follow this link to our recently posted webinar on Effectively Managing Stress: 

This amazing content is complimentary and chock full of great tips, tools and explanations that will help in your goals of limiting stress.