Bill 168 Training Deadline is TODAY!

The June 15th deadline for Bill 168 compliance is today!

Still unsure about what Bill 168 actually is and why you and your staff need training? Here is a quick breakdown of employer obligations

Employers will be required to implement:
* Workplace violence and harassment policies
* Assessments designed to measure the risk of workplace violence
* Programs to implement such policies
* Staff training on policies

Employers must prepare a policy with respect to workplace violence and harassment. The policies must be reviewed annually and those with more than five employees would be required to post the policies in the workplace.

Employers are required to develop and maintain a program to implement the workplace violence and workplace harassment policies, including reporting and investigation procedures.

Workers must be trained on the workplace violence and harassment policies, in all forms including bullying, violence in the workplace, and domestic violence. Excel Thru Learning can help you meet these training needs.

Employers would have to prepare a workplace violence assessment which would be based on the nature of the workplace, the type of work, and the conditions of work. Thereafter, employers would have to advise the workers of the results of the assessment.


Do you have your policies, procedures and training in place?

If not, no need to worry. At ETL we can help your organization understand their role in the new violence and harassment legislation.  We have developed compliance training on Bill 168 - Violence and Harassment in the Workplace - and are flexible in our deliveries to you, with:

* 1 hour training session for managers (overview)

* 2 hour training session for managers (detailed)

* 1 hour training session for non-management


Call us today if you have any questions about this new legislation or need help fulfilling any of its requirements at (905) 789-1467.


The ETL Team