Finding Spirit

Fun, laughter, signs of happiness; where have these gone?  Sometimes we get so focused on results we forget to enjoy the pathway that gets us there.  ETL has always had fun at work.  We laugh a lot, share personal stories, bring our pets to work and in general enjoy what we do.  We work hard for our customers, for each other and regularly give back to our community.  But even we have, in the past couple of years, been dragged into thinking it’s all about the results.  We know this isn’t true, and once again it has just been proven.

While reminiscing, Laurie in our office remembered when we used to wear Santa hats when we delivered our homemade cookies.  (Yes, our best clients receive a small tin of homemade cookies that I personally bake).  In those days we looked forward to doing the deliveries and everyone participated.  This December we fell into the trap of individuals doing the deliveries alone and feeling very much isolated and frustrated.  That’s about to change!  Santa hats are being purchased today and starting tomorrow teams will be delivering cookies wearing them.  Christmas music will be playing on the radios and everyone will have a chance to get out and bring cheer to our clients.

Fun, laughter and signs of happiness are all returning to ETL.  What about at your organization?


- Pat DeMers, President