Simon Say'z - Keep Life Simple

You guessed it, I don’t speak or write the English language; I actually speak dog and have huge paws versus fingers so I can’t write at all. It’s a good thing my owner has offered to translate dog to English and write my thoughts for me. To clarify, I am an eight week old Labradoodle, part Lab and part Poodle.

You would be surprised what I’ve learned in my short life. And, what’s amazing is that I’ve been asked to share my wealth of knowledge; how lucky is that?

I thought I would share my expertise on how to keep life simple in a very complex world. You know it’s really all about the company you keep, the exercise you do, the food you eat and the roof over your head.

Let’s start with the company you keep. Well you already know that I am not very old so I have limited access to the wrong company. My friends and colleagues at this point are chosen for me. This is probably a good thing since on my own I am not very selective about whom I socialize with; really anyone with any number of legs will work for me. I have, however, learned to approach slowly and not trust immediately. It’s important to build a relationship prior to becoming too close. I have especially found this to be true with animals that are more aggressive than I am and people that are afraid or allergic to dogs. It’s always best to learn a little about the people/species you are befriending prior to sharing too much information, your toys, and/or your treats.

As for exercise, my owners seem to think that I should not spend the day on their couch napping so they insist we take several walks each day. I do think they forget that my legs are still much shorter than theirs and, although I look energetic, I still require 14-18 hours of sleep each day. It’s about balance. Nap a little, walk a little, eat a little and whatever else you do, do it based on your abilities, stature and age.

As for the food thing, I like three meals a day and some snacks in between. Apparently if you eat small meals every 2-3 hours you won’t become obese and you won’t suffer from hunger pains. Everyone knows that a hungry dog is not a happy dog and I’m pretty sure that theory applies to humans too.

Now, about that roof over your head; yes it’s important. And as a human I know you have to work to earn a living to pay the bills, but really do you have to work 14 hours per day? Pets get lonely, and so do the kids; and let me tell you when the kids get lonely and there is a pet around, guess what they do? Yes, they tease us and when that gets tiring they ignore us. This is not fun for anyone. As a pet I would like to speak up against long, lonely hours in the house by myself. I couldn’t bear it, so thank goodness my owner brings me to work with her.

So, my final thought for today is live life in balance. Play, work, eat, sleep, and enjoy it as none of us will live forever.

Signing off - Simon