Simon Say'z - Moving Forward

Simon Update!

I recently graduated from Puppy School Level 2. I thought Level 1 was just fine as I learned to fetch, sit, lay down, heel, roll over and stay; but apparently learning needs to be ongoing (at least in Pat's mind). So off I went to Level 2 where I learned a few more skills that I could potentially need in the future.

During this learning the one thing I did discover are the rewards you get when you do something well. When I sit and stay, I get a treat. When I heel and don't pull on the leash I get a treat and when I lie down and roll over I usually get a couple of treats. Learning seems to come with rewards and I really like that. Keep in mind I am an eight month old puppy and my idea of a reward and yours may be slightly different.

Pat has been back in school now for a few months and she tells me she has seen some rewards of her own and not even in the form of dog bones! The financial portion of her program was helpful because it reinforced what her accountant had been telling her and helped her to get a better grasp of accounting language. She apparently does not want to speak "accountant" or for that matter "dog" as both of these languages have limited use for her. But she does like the fact that when the accountant gives her advice she can relate it to her business and make financial decisions based on her knowledge and not just the knowledge of others. For the record, I kind of like that she doesn't speak "dog" because then she would know all of my secrets!

According to Pat and something called research, we need to keep learning to stay healthy, satisfied and energized. I learn by seeing, doing, repeating and getting rewards. Adults learn this way too. What's on your learning agenda for this year? If you are looking to do some self-guided learning check out ETL's Self-Study Guides on the website. If you want classes call the ETL team for information. If you want a coach call Pat and she will set something up. I've already been advised that my learning is not over and neither is Pat's; what about yours?

Signing Off - Simon