Thinking - it doesn't just come naturally.

Thinking is a natural part of living. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we all differ in what we think about and how we think about it. Take an apple, for example. Some look at an apple, and think of food. Some look at an apple and are drawn into the biology of how it grows, the types of apples, their impact on the food chain. Some others look at apples and make that momentous leap to defining gravity.

You may think you're stuck with the kind of thinking you have. Some people say, "Oh, I am not very creative. You should ask Bob for help in your brainstorming session." Other people say, "I cannot believe how you connected those ideas!" Agile thinking and critical thinking, however, are all skills that can be learned, and here at Excel Thru Learning, we are please to announce that they can be taught (by us)!

Three sparkling new programs have been developed, by demand, to help you develop different thinking skills and apply them to your decision making processes. Are you ready to challenge your old thinking habits?


Critical Thinking

Typically, when presented with any form of information, we think about it in a very subjective way, and often not for any prolonged and/or conscious period of time.  This program will help participants to recognize the essential components of critical thinking, and apply critical thinking skills to relevant information, decisions, and problems.

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The Agile Thinker

Being agile in business is your ability to quickly react, adapt, and thrive, despite any obstacles, surprises, or sudden change in external demands. This program will help participants recognize the traits of agile thinking, and how it can positively impact their roles in a variety of ways.



High Impact Decision Making

You make decisions of varying importance every day. In some cases, you can plan your decision with care. In others, you may find yourself making a decision quickly and on short notice without much time to systematically go through proper actions and thinking steps. The difficult part with any decision is choosing the solution where the positive outcomes outweigh possible losses. This program will help participants make decisions with impact.

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