My Thoughts on a Personal Value Proposition

I am currently taking a Masters Program at Schulich and I have already experienced my first "aha" moment after the first two days. I learned that an organization has to have a value proposition, written from the customer's point of view that answers the question - why should I buy from you? I inherently knew this but I definitely have a clearer picture as to what a value statement should contain and how it should be written and/or spoken.

Many of you may already know this but do you have a personal one? After spending a day discussing value propositions I believe that it should go way beyond the organization; I think each of us should have a personal value proposition and ideally it should support the organizational value proposition. The question then becomes - where do I start when I want to create a personal value proposition?

An organizational value proposition needs to be a crisp, compelling answer to the question "why should I buy from you?" In an individual's case the question may become multiple questions such as: Why should I hire you? Why should I retain you? Why should I have you as a friend? etc.

If an Organization gets their value proposition right, then the results domino.
  • Differentiation from the competition
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Repeat business
  • Positive referrals from customers
  • Lower marketing costs
  • Opportunity for price increases, without a market share decrease

What happens if an individual gets their value proposition right? I am surmising that an employee will see opportunities for growth and promotions, wage increases, awards, and more.

The creation of a personal value proposition will most likely start with some reflection on personal strengths, personality traits, personal and work experience, speciality skills and history. If it needs to be written or said from the other person's perspective it might start with the word "you." I see a personal value proposition as part of my life purpose. What do I offer that others don't? What is special about me that will benefit you?

I would suggest that you take a few minutes and create the start of a personal value proposition. I may seem like a lot of work but I have a feeling that if we were clear on our value propositions we would be better at many things we do.

Pat DeMers