Simon Say'z - Stay Awake and Stay Engaged

So it’s interesting what I’ve learned this week. Apparently sleeping on the job is not a good thing to do. I tried it a few times and here is what I have discovered.

The first thing I noticed is that if you fall asleep you are ignored and more importantly you could miss something really good. In my case that might be my favourite treat, a belly rub or a brisk walk. Although you may not fall asleep on the job I have noticed that people seem to get easily distracted or become unfocused which is just like falling asleep without closing your eyes. So, in your case, what you miss might be an opportunity, a promotion or cross training, a pay increase or an award.

The second problem is around safety. I have noticed that when I sleep in the hall people tend to step on, or trip over me. I’m thinking this might not be a good thing for either of us. And when I get really immersed in play outside of my safe area, I sometimes forget where I am and have been seen to do summersaults, belly rolls and slides that don’t end until I hit something hard. I see this as true for people as well. In order to be safe you need to be where you are scheduled to be, when the time is right and focused on what you are doing, not on other things.

My third and final thought on people who are not engaged (or awake) while at work would be around job satisfaction. I can’t imagine not enjoying my day (of course I’m only 12 weeks old). I have heard the saying “life is short” and if that’s truly the case, you might just as well make the best use of the time you have. I enjoy every day. I get to eat, sleep, play and I have the best washroom facilities in the whole world – especially with all of the fall colours I enjoy while I am searching for just the right spot. So, don’t go through life sleeping; instead be alert, safe and engaged.

Signing Off - Simon